Our Vision:

We envision a society where man lives a purpose driven life and the entire generation positively transformed.

Our Mission:

To shape a purpose driven man who takes up his intended position in transforming generations through the influence of God’s Word and right living

Sober Man Foundation (SMF) is training and mentorship organisation for men founded in Kenya. Our core mandate is to reach out to the men empowering them step up to their God-given assignments for a generational change. 

The ministry was birthed from divine Inspiration. Gideon Gichamba our founder felt the prompting to start a men’s Bible Study group where the men would share freely on issues that trouble the men. It is an undisputed fact that the man is in crisis; the man in the society today is challenged on all fronts, making his struggle so real in the area of his identity and purpose, his finances, his relationships, his temperaments and personal life. 

After a few days of prayer, Gideon and Joel together with other five young men went through the 12 week program, meeting once every week at Gideon’s house. After the 12 week programme all the men confessed that; that was a life changing experience that drew them closer to God. 

Shortly after the first Pass out (graduation) more men enrolled. Years down the line, hundreds of young men have gone through the programme and committed to live purposefully and responsibly. 

The first five weeks we discuss “Men and Purpose", the next five weeks we discuss “Men and finances" and the last two weeks discuss “Men and Relationships". The Men meet once a week for two hours. After completion of each of the main topics aforementioned, the men participate in a bonding retreat which helps in building interpersonal friendship among the men and reflecting through the topic. 

We believe that man was created for a divine assignment by God, until he finds that divine assignment he will always be in a crisis trying to find his identity and security. In our sessions we challenge ourselves to a higher life that is purpose driven and assignment propelled.

Often times there has been misconception that Sober Man Foundation is about alcoholism and substance abuse rehabilitation. Sober Man Foundation is about creating a responsible and purposeful man. In this regard, we have the acronym below to best describe our definition of the word S.O.B.E.R

S- SEASONED MAN: we encourage and train the men to be seasoned in their areas of calling and vocation

O-ORIGINAL MAN: we believe that for men to be effective, they need to be authentic. we encourage authenticity.

B-BIBLICAL MAN: men ought to be spiritual and scriptural in their pursuit of purpose.

the ability to commit to a task and do the task exceptionally well is what makes men stand out.

when a man is seasoned, original, biblical and excellent, that man will definitely be respectable.