Message from the Founder

Greetings to you!
Thank you for engaging with us at Sober Man Foundation. On this platform we mentor and disciple men to step up into their God-given assignments. We believe that if men would step up in their God-given assignment, then majority of our societal problems would be eliminated

At our very core of SMF, we believe that man was created for a purpose and an assignment from his Maker.  Deviating from this assignment has pushed the man into a crisis; the proverbial-boy child problems. Recent statistics indicate that 92.6% of the prisoners in Kenya are male 90% of whom are between ages 16 and 26years old; 95% of criminal and crime related activities in Kenya are perpetrated by males and 80% of drug and substance cases in Kenya are by males between the ages of 15 and 24 years. 

It is therefore undisputable that the male (boy child) is in a crisis. Our response to this challenge is to disciple as many men as we possibly can because we believe that when a man finds purpose, he finds an identity which gives him security and significance which are key needs for any man

On behalf of the Board and Management of Sober Man Foundation, I invite you to join us to disciple and mentor the boy-child. The next generation desperately needs us! I encourage you to sign up as a mentee, mentor or a sponsor 

God bless you.


Gideon Gichamba – Founder and CEO