Greetings to you!

Thank you for engaging with us at Sober Man Foundation. On this platform we mentor and disciple men to step up into their God-given assignments. We believe that if men would step up in their God-given assignment, then majority of our societal problems would be eliminated. At our very core of SMF, we believe that man was created for a purpose and an assignment from his Click to Read More


Mentorship Programs

The programs focus on purpose, finances and relationships. The primary purpose is to stimulate men to think about their life purpose and  click to read more

Round Table Men’s Breakfast

This brings together young men from different circles and professions including those who have not gone  click to read more

Retreats and Expeditions

Just like the breakfast, the retreat is one of our annual events where men put on their hats of adventure. The retreat  click to read more

Safe Space Monthly Meetings

A safe space is basically a small group meeting for the men who have gone through the mentorship program. In safe space, the men are   click to read more